Bosqueviejo PEAR channel

Registering the channel:
pear channel-discover
Listing available packages:
pear remote-list -c bosqueviejo
Installing a package:
pear install bosqueviejo/package_name
Installing a specific version/stability:
pear install bosqueviejo/package_name-1.0.0
pear install bosqueviejo/package_name-beta
Receiving updates via a feed:

Oak - Oak Web Framework.

Oak Web Framework.

Install commandpear install bosqueviejo/Oak
MaintainersManuel Rubio (as lead)
Releases0.2.0 (beta)

PAR - PHP Active Record.

PHP Active Record is an implementation of Active Record's Pattern for PHP.

Install commandpear install bosqueviejo/PAR
MaintainersManuel Rubio (as lead)
Releases0.1.0 (beta)

PHAS - PHP Application Server for JavaScript code.

PHAS-JS is a Application Server for JavaScript written in PHP.

Install commandpear install bosqueviejo/PHAS
MaintainersManuel Rubio (as lead)
Releases1.1.0 (beta), 1.0.0 (stable)

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